LOCKED - The "Ban Hammer" has been upgraded.

   Well, it seems the complaints about AFK (away for keyboard) firefight players have been answered. In Bungie's weekly update they announced that players who frequently AFK during Firefight will have there credits reset. They also said they would be keeping a very close eye on it to make sure that know one gets unjustly banned.


    As someone who loves Firefight; this is great news. Maybe now there will be more people playing the game correctly.


    That's all I had to say, I just wanted to share the good news. Link.


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All I can say is .... awesome.

<3 Bungie and their commitment to the community.

Bungie's fault, Where is the in game warning stating AFKing was BANABLE? It's Bungie's fault for making the system reward being in a game opposed to how good you do.

Bungie you suck (when it comes to Halo Reach)

How is this Bungie's fault?  The object is to participate, not waste people's time just to cheaply rank up/farm credits when they don't deserve it.  The only time afk could ever really be acceptable is either in the menues or custom game lobbies.

People who intentionally AFK deserve what they get. Don't treat the game like a chore. It's kind of like there's a broken streetlight with busy traffic. Would you walk through and get hit by traffic? And then blame the city for not warning you?

Honestly if you feel like you're playing the game wrong, then quit what you're doing. It's not difficult, and I'm very dissapointed in society complaining over their OWN incompetence.

Once again, blown away by Bungie's commitment to denying cheaters, boosters, quitters, and vulgar trashtalkers. Even all the cheating Inheritors got banned!


Bungie has SO much epic win absolutely stuffed into their delicious, creamy center. 


No other developers actually stand up to the rude, juvenile and stupid gamers that ruin the experience for everyone else. 


Sadly, other companies only care about money so they'll let ANYONE play and not  punish a single one. Bungie is the only one with the balls to do what is necessary.


Ban them mofos, mute them mofos, reset them mofos!

As someone that spends most of the game in Firefight Arcade I'm glad Bungie is trying to do something against AFK'ers.  Not sure how they plan to enforce it.  Usually I just submit negative player review to avoid that person.

I camped in Firefight matches all the time and it was awesome because that's how I wanted to play. This entire AFK FF stuff is a joke. Don't lecture me about playing the game correctly or hurting your teammates. If you are randomly matched with people in any online game you are taking a chance and there are more bad experiences than good ones.  

Bungie and Microsft have never acknowledged the bullying, homophobia, racism, sexism, and general sociopathic behavior that is prevelant online.  

Stop it with congratulations, Bungie didn't ban people like myself for altruistic reasons.


You got reset, suck it up or gtfo.

My friend got reset to... she was a hero this might explain y she was reset.... she camps a lot in firefight  maybe she was mistaken it for AFKing

Again my question is how does Bungie determine who is AFK and just camping in a sniper spot?  A lot of times I see players find some little spot on the map that the AI won't attack like the roof on Holdout or the cliff edge on Beachhead but they're still making kills.  So is Bungie only targeting players with 0 kills 0 deaths.

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