I was suspended from halo reach for two weeks due to unsportsmen like conduct and idling through games. I am a father of three, therefore I put the controller down as nessecary. I am fine with the suspension but was told after two weeks I would get my ranks and credits back. This has not happened. I have also posted two others times and have not been responded too. The customer service on this has been horrible and I find that these forums are not the least bit helpful. My posts have Been deleted and I was told by xbox live that any forum would do. So I would line an answer instead of been robbed of something I enjoyed and ignored. If this is the wrong forum how bout some guidance  as to what  forum ineed to post in. Furthermotre I wasnt even aware that I could lose my rank and credits, WILL I GET THEM BACK??? I have been an avid customer for 11 years and do not see this as a suitable disciplinary action for the first time I have ever had an offense, It is after all a game. I look forward to a response and hope to get my nearly 1,300,000 credits and my nearly brigadier grade 2 back for halo reach. PLEASE RESPOND, I am ready to just give up xbox and switch to playstiation


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My gamer score is good and so is my rep this is taotally unclalled for and unsportsmen in its self!!

Switch to hackstation? lolz.

You probably need to take this up over at the bungie forums.

They delete ure post because u are complaining about Microsoft, yet the ban u speak of is from Bungie.. not Microsoft....

Any complaints about Bungie has to be taken up at Bungie.net

As far as getting credits back, it seems that Bungie would have checked ure history and saw that u got most of ure credits from being idle... No way would they give you those back since u didn't earn them..

Gamer score and Rep have nothing to do with Bungie who banned u... and  Microsoft has nothing to do with ure ban...

Please post in the Bungie.net Forums conerning this. Support for your problem will not be found here as this was issued by Bungie, not Microsoft.

For more information about Credit resets and bans, please read this thread.


Thank you.