[LOCKED] Personal Signature Removed?

Just a question, and Im not trying to start anything with mods or the forums. But did the update the signature rules again? Ive been seeing some people having they're sigs removed for having personal links as well as just picture signatures.

what does "Personal signature removed" mean lol?


I ask because was going to add a link to my bands page for those who might be interested im not sure if that is a personal link or not.


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I'd say go for it cause I'll give it a listen. What do you got to lose? Them removing it? Big deal. I mean they let others post numerous spam topics every week about love, and women, and heart break without ever taking their posting rights away or doing anything about it. And I'm SURE I don't even need to say who I'm talking about without knowing who already right? Haha Point Proven.

In the old forums the rules were if its going to make you benifit in some way then its against the rules. Linking to your bands website would give you hits so therefore against the rules but there always seem to be people that the rules don't apply to.

Closest I can find to an official word from a moderator.

[quote user="Bogeh"]

As long as you don't have a referral link, a link to something with commercial distribution (i.e. an item on Ebay you're trying to sell), or anything that violates the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct, the link will be fine.


For instance, if you link to your YouTube page in a post trying to promote your channel, that's no good. You can have that in your sig though. I'm not going to play a 'case by case' scenario where everyone can ask if their link is ok so just use common sense and your best judgement on what you put in your sig.


Well I wasnt doing is just to get more "likes" or whatever, just thought It would be a way to get out there more. But if it is against the rules its against the rules, im not going to make an *** of myself after a mod or ambassador person personally said no haha.

Thanks for the reply.

I would still put it in there although I have been banned from the old forums about 3-4 times so take it at what you want.

The quote from Bogeh that VoteDC posted is spot on. Just to reiterate what he stated, as long as the link in your signature does not violate the Code of Conduct or Terms of Use, and isn't there for advertising and commercial purposes, its perfectly fine. For instance, if you want to link your Twitter account like I have in mine, that's fine. If you want to link to your Youtube Channel, blog, Facebook account etc. That is also fine.

Just do not post advertising links in the signature as I stated (referral links, Ebay items, or anything that has monetary gain for example) and everything will be fine. Understood? Cool, any questions about it, please contact me.