Locked out of the Armory?

I cannot seem to turn in the final mission after killing Knoxx. The waypoint suggests I hould re-enter the Armory, but the door is shut... Any ideas?


Thanks in advance


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ITS glitched it happens alot u cant do anything better luck next time

OR you can always join someone's game who is doing that mission and it will give you credit for doing that mission aswell.

Yes Many Ideas.... since this topic should be in the FAQ

You can start a new game with a new character and this time don't sneak in to the Armory through the hole in the floor.

Get lucky and join a friend or random that is doing the mission you need.

Get a bunch of health packs and drop them at the shut door wait what do is shut, did you use the code BYCO?

Have a friend with a modded gun that can shoot you up on to the roof, and come in there to finish, yes this works but it's a pain.

Use the save game editor and fix your mission log.

Of maybe if I am feeling generous, I might have a character that never did that mission, and you can join.

I need to know what playthrough and the exact mission name since there are three different missions to go in to the Amory.

Trawling through the forums and i seem to have the same problem..

"It Must Be Christmas"  is the quest...final quest of Marcus Kincaid in T-Bone Junction.

I am absolutely fuming as when I go back to Knoxxs' Armoury for the final time, the large red energy gate is down and I can't get past.

I take it this is the glitch you are referring too above?? ....And, seriously...is there no way of getting round it? If this is the case I am going to be seriously fcuked off :(

lke my friend said the solutions are the same your objective is to get pass the blast door thats blocking you from getting in.the mission has the steal loot unlocked .the medkit trick works only on xbox not on pc because most computers has more than 1 gb of ram and doesnt work if you spam and lag your way in.once u fall down dont jump down like the other dumbppl that you follow double jump up the grate wiggle your stick a bit to the right and bam your right there.all u have to do is walk to the thing and pull the level.join a random game doesnt really work sorta most of the time u join some idiot that glitches you a lot more. ohhh look i did the glitch and walk to the elevator room like total genius.AND TO QUOTE MY AWESOME FRIEND:if you gonna do the glitch do it right or dont do it all. you spread the annoying freaking bug by doing it wrong.

i think most people just catch the bug online, not from glitching the armory.

i recently tried the health kit solution- online but alone- and its wasnt working - they wouldnt stay in a big pile, hopefully this only happens when u play alone, since the game operates a bit different depending on if its 1 player or more, since you cant pase when you are in a group - this is a solution for the blast door, if the red energy wall is still there, i can only think to restart the game so that general knoxx appears, since that wall goes off when u kill him

This happened to me after I died in the armory. I had like 30 seconds and I was too busy looting to find the exit. It spawned me outside as normal and I tried to go back but when I went through the BYCO door it was blocked off any further than that. I literally spent like 2 weeks on this DLC. If I have to stop now, or restart I am going to be pissed to hell.

Do any of you guys still need this mission on pt2? I have a hunter that is on those last two missions and I can get anyone inside if interested. Only one condition: no modded stuff in my game please.

I need it. If you want to message me on xbox and let me know when you can do it that would be pretty awesome. Its the only mission I haven't gotten on this DLC and its killing me.

the only way this can happen is because you went in the floor glitch and then walked in to the center room with no chests, because of this you should just live with it, if you want the achievement then use another one of your charaters and do the missions correctly and don't glitch.

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