Locked out of my character.

So, I dont have the add-on "From Ashes" but my friend does. So I place my fileshare onto the XBOX Cloud Storage. I go to my friends, recover my account and play my campaign character. I then come home, recover it back. Sign-in to play and when I click to load my character its telling me Im locked out because the add-on "From Ashes" is missing. I never downloaded the add-on, but like I said my friend did. So my account is locked out until I pay the 800 MSP. This is outrageous What do I do? My birthday was yesterday. I already used my MSP. I am broke and am now locked out of my guy. Please help. Thanks. 

And its not only my one character who is locked out, my girlfriends character is also locked out. :(



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Try to load an earlier save. I have a post priority mission save for every one of them. Otherwise you will need to start again. You must have accessed the content while playing at his house on his console, even if it's something as simple as your game accessing the extra Costumes available.

I want an XBOX official to come in this thread, there was no warning given. I want to be given the 800 MSP.  

Bwahahahahahahahaha! Xbox isn't in charge of the game go complain to EA

Complaining? Im not complaining dude. Im stating my case. Get your stuff straight, Kay?

EA Just issued me a code, nevermind.

Congrats on issuing the code (even free no less), but next time, keep an heads up on this thing. Like ME2's DLC (also with Dragon Age 2), you must have the DLC downloaded on your console in order to have access to it, other wise you will not be able to access the save data that has information about the DLC on that particular console.

Well, yes i got it for free. But I didnt scam them. Thats what its all about. Thanks for the heads up next time Sora Ai

[quote user="aXis FinalBoss"]

Complaining? Im not complaining dude. Im stating my case. Get your stuff straight, Kay?

[/quote]I was laughing at your demand for an Xbox official to come here to this thread and bow to your demands. Because out of the 1000's of threads on the forums they would come here looking for you. And yes you were complaining. Nothing wrong with complaining. If something is wrong, people complain and they get it fixed. Glad to see EA gave you a free code. I think you can thank the efforts of the retake ME3 movement for that as right now EA is actually trying to make people feel better about the game. What with offering full refunds through some outlets and everything. I think for them it's a much easier decision to give out the DLC free than give you a refund for the game.