Locked out from 7+ games etc

I bought my son a 360 second hand as his prized possession was stolen some time back, unfortunately it has had parental lock added which we are unable to get the code for. Due to the fact that all his games were stolen with the console he has very few games now but has his hdd, we have tried everything and now have resorted to me signing in his account to post this for help, total disappointment when i brought it home and we hooked up to my Internet for him to have live and at age 21 he can only play under 7's games.

Please help!

Desperate mum and distraught son :(


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By sheer luck and determination he has managed to crack the code, thx anyway but now all sorted :)

Now he can finally play Duke Nukem!

Wow how did he manage to crack that code?

It can only be the triggers anyway, so the code won't be that hard to figure out :)

It can actually be more than the triggers but there are several factory default codes that can be used. Ir's just a matter of finding the right one. Each version of the dashboard has a different reset code, so it can be tricky.