[LOCKED] Open Petition to allow gamers to delete games WITH Gamerscore from their profile

I cant find my last forum post in this forum telling me it was removed for some reason without cause, well I am re-posting.


Attn: Microsoft and Xbox Live Community,


I am posting this as an open petition to grant gamers over xbox live the ability to delete games and gamerscore form their profile.
Of all the forums I have searched through and all the inquiries about this issue all I was able to find was there is no way to do this and any previous exploit was quickly patched.


I don't say much on the forums or complain too much, minus my rant on the Borderlands GOTY codes, btw good job Gearbox and 2K you listened and the community has never thanked you enough for listening, but I think this issue needs to be addressed.


I know Microsoft is able to do this, I haven't found anything software related yet that they have not been able to do when it comes to xbox live.

Now the question comes why would anyone want to delete gamerscore and why should Microsoft do so or even care?


Well lets first go to why would anyone want to delete it,


The first reason is embarrassment, I cant name enough people whose kids (hopefully daughters) have planted games like Hanna Montana on their tags and with the practice of baiting achievements (another subject I will elaborate on later) an achievement popped for something as simple as pressing start and they are now stuck with it.


I can only see the moderators chucking of "Well this person should not have allowed their kids to touch their xbox" , or something like that. For those of you who don't have kids I will let you in on a secret, that is damn near impossible to do, try it when you decide to have kids and see how far it goes.


The second reason is inability to gain achievements due to absolutely ridiculous requirements.

I think there are a million examples of this but I will point out a few that range from launch to today:


Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (2006): Reach the top of the leaderboard aka World Champion
I don't know if anyone is aware of this yet but there are loads of leaderboard cheats and boosters who see to it this game is impossible to complete among others before and after the community convinced Ubisoft to reset the leaderboard. This make it nearly impossible for those who play the game correctly and those with skill to gain this achievement. So far the usual response to this was "this game was created when the idea of achievements was new and mistakes were made", this will lead me on to another title that is not as old and a little more recent....


Lost Planet 2 (2010): Number One on the leaderboard aka Committed Til the End
Once again, impossible due to cheaters and boosters. Next usual response was "Please contact the developers to sort this issue out and to patch the game and remove cheaters." Well I have been pestering Capcom at least once a month on this issue and told them they would have a new customer in me if they sorted this out along with posts from hundreds of other users asking for the same thing only to realize they don't care.


Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (2007): Co-op career on expert: Living Legends
This achievement requires two people on the same console at the same location to complete co-op on expert. Well gee do you know of anyone willing to spend all the time over at your house playing a plastic guitar well enough to complete expert let alone only for the benefit of one of the two gamers, I think not.


NBA Live 07 (2006): 1000 people online
Ok seriously, earning an achievement depends on wether or not other people are playing it! That is not an achievement or a test of skill.


College Hoops 2k7 (2006): Congenial Award
Ok this one requires a feedback rating of 85% or higher, ok really, really, REALLY! When I shotgun or chainsaw people on Gears people usually give me negative feedback in spite, not because I was up to any wrong doing. I don't play online to be popular, I play online to win, and people give negative feedback out of spite.
I can already hear more chucking of “Well you should have done your research”, Hmmm, encouraging customers to do research before purchasing, great idea for us, bad for business.


The third reason is glitched achievements that have never been obtainable and have not and are not likely to be patched.


Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia (2007)
Not only is this game ungodly horrible Microsoft should have never allowed a license to be granted for this piece of crap but that is another story for another day. There are two achievements that are unobtainable and people from all over the community have asked for this to be patched only to fall on deaf ears of those who can do anything and listening to forum moderators say they are looking into it.


I fall into the embarrassment category on this, a friends kid decided to stick this on mine.


Arcania: Gothic 4 (2010)
The Master Chef and Geeks achievement have never been able to be obtained and the developers just do not care about thier customers.


Army of Two: The 40th Day (2010)
The if the online achievements are awarded then the DLC achievements are unobtainable and affect and count against the gamers completion percentage. People have had to come up with ridiculous workarounds to be able to obtain the full gamerscore.


The fourth reason is online inactivity and server closures making achievements no longer possible.


I can give examples for this too but lets just say all EA and 2K yearly sports games are culprits on this one.


Online versus achievements should never be allowed for it ruins the online experience. With EA and 2K and so on they decide to make online achievements and then close their servers making those who never know about it feel cheated when they realize.


I was also denied an achievement due to EA’s servers not recognizing my gamertag when I was not able to upload a roster. The response was that if I ever changed it then I can never get the achievement. The worst part of this is that when this error was identified this same achievement came out again on later titles, talk about a lack of customer support here.


I can only hear the chuckles of the developers saying “Well you should have bought it new, then you would worry have to worry about it”, I say this $60 for the same damn game every year is a rip-off and I am socked that people buy into it. Most people also don’t have the money to spend every year on top of the fact that a lot of sports games still have unobtainable achievements that they never cared to fix.


The fact is that if you don't want to keep your servers running due to inactivity you should not make any online achievements, PERIOD! Microsoft should enforce this with any company that opts out of their offer to host.


I can go on for days about bad achievements but I hope that I made the point on why people want to delete games off their record. I personally feel cheated when any of the above reasons happen and am unable to do anything about it. It puts a sour taste in my mouth and I wish to show it by removing myself from the statistics. I would also hate to lose sight on this lengthy rant too, on to the next issue, Why should Microsoft do this and why should they care.


First and foremost Microsoft created the achievement system and all achievements are stored via Xbox Live, not on the developers servers. So yes, this is in Microsofts full control to grant the delete ability, if you think I am pointing fingers in the wrong direction here please correct me.


Second, since there was enough trouble about the 0GS issue and that issue being resolved why not grant people the ability to delete gamerscore along with it. I hate to burst anyones bubble here but most games stick an achievement on your for something as stupid as pressing start, yes it is true, look at the Simpsons game for proof. I see something shady here, do you?


This shows that most developers bait people in knowing that this game will be stuck on their tag and use this practice out of ill will to try and keep people playing a crappy game, not the Simpsons, I am just pointing the issue out here.


Third, this has been something that gamers over Xbox Live have wanted for sometime now. It’s a little hard to show since the website changes and all old posts archived but its there.


If Microsoft is able to do things like bring motion gaming to the Xbox via the Kinect, then granting gamers the ability to delete gamerscore should be no problem.


For years I have seen open requests from Microsoft to give feedback and how they can improve upon the community. Well heres an answer for you, Grant people the ability to delete gamerscore off their profile. This would be much appreciated and I’m sure there are thousands if not millions of gamers who would thank you for this.


Now you ask what is my motive behind this? Simple I want Monster Madness and Guitar Hero III off my gamertag, these games are horrible and it is embarrassing to even admit to playing. I also believe what frustrates me also frustrates thousands if not millions of other gamers out there. Like the old saying goes,”If you don’t have enough gum for the rest of the class don’t bring it!”.


I am not perfect, I have made many mistakes when it comes to what games I have put in my Xbox, If I knew then what I know now things would be different. Man how many times I have heard that.


This is not a rant against Microsoft or anyone else I would just like to have the ability to delete gamerscore off my profile and have everyone else in the community able to do so too. This would make my experience over Xbox Live much better, and please nothing foolish here, just deletion, not anything saying I deleted it or so on or so forth, just a complete deletion like it never happened and there is no record of it.


Thank you all for listening, and please post your support here for I am sure you all would like to see this issue resolved too.


Or you can just use the words of the great Sone Cold Steve Austin and give me a HELL YEAH!!!


P.S. I do not believe I have violated any terms of service or placed this forum topic in the wrong place. If I have I would like to know before simply making this vanish.


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Wait, didn't already make a thread like this?

Yes but it was deleted and no longer exists. I was unable to find it on today's topics under General Discussion. If I have not violated the terms of service or code of conduct then it should of stayed put.

I'm not trying to spam here, I just dont like it when my posts are deleted without reason.

It will also allow those who have modded their gamerscore the chance to delete what they've done before the XBLPET finds out, nukes the score and labels the person a cheater for the remainder of the account's lifetime.

Apologies, but petition threads are not allowed on the forums.