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Trying to find a place to post this but once again there isn't, not since this POS Update. but I have been wanting to get a new game. but can't afford to buy an Xbox 360 Title. So does anyone have an opinion on what is the best Arcade Title out? Since searching on bing offers you an opportunity to earn microsoft points I have been getting games and updates that away. just the games that I have bought suck. so tired of ripping myself off with worthless games.


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I forgot to mention that I am looking for it to be a multiplayer.


you should post this there

battle field 1943 and monday night combat are both solid multiplayer arcade games

Save up.


I can't really say but to be honest I personally would far rather buy a full game later than an arcade title now. You'll also find that the prices on the Marketplace are outrageous, a trip to a store would be better for you.


(Seriously, Call of Duty 2 for $70 whereas I could go to a shop and buy it for about $20?)

Since this is off-topic, I'll lock it.

Go where Drzg suggested and post there.