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So I have looked for a place to post this, but am not finding an appropriate forum for it.  So since I am actively involved in the Halo Reach Forum I suppose I well post it here..  Does anyone know if the new Bing App that where getting for voice over for Netflix and Live TV and Youtube well also be an Internet Browser for the 360 similar to that of Playstation?  If so than that is so KICK****.  If that is also so.  Than Besides Blu Ray for Playstation, and the Wii without anything have nothing on us!  We well become the Elite Console!


Oh mods if you want you can move this to an appropriate forum but please inform me where your moving it... Thanks Guys and Gals..


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People must be incapable of getting the hell up and using a separate electronic device.

Hey Chain..  I just like the idea of this new bing app.  I think it well bring The Xbox 360 and any other nxt gen console to be made by Microsoft to the front of the pack.  

[quote user="ChainSmokingBob"]

People must be incapable of getting the hell up and using a separate electronic device.



Hahahahaha. Soon, humans will evolve and be legless. Future history TV shows will feature how humans once had legs, but the presentation of technology rendered them useless.

Lets put this into a poor mans prospective.  If there is some other way that I can give my laptop a break from now and than and use some other sort of device for some everyday things that I do on my laptop.  ie.  Net Surfing.  Than I am all about it.  I do not have the luxury of buying a new laptop every 3-4 yrs unlike some people. I also do not have the luxury of buying a Smart Phone or a Ipad or Ipod or whatever can be used to surf the net besides a PC or a Mac.  So "if" this new Bing App does have a Web Browser to it than I most certainly well use it.  And give my 2 yr old laptop a much needed break.    If that is an issue for yourselves than hey.. What is that saying?  (I may butcher it) "If you don't like looking at something than don't look at it."  heed that advice.  

No. It only searches all the junk on the dashboard.

It only searches for content on your console, not the web. Since this thread seems to be going downhill, I'm going to lock it up. Happy gaming folks.