[LOCKED] (Mod Removed) threatening my sons life

our son and another little boy was playin xbox live yesterday, this (Mod Removed - Gamertag), boy, got angry at my son and ask, the boy that OUR son was playin with what our son's name was, where he lived, and where he attends school, he said he was gonna come to his school and KILL our son...thank GOD our son's friend didn't reveal any information....we are highly upset by this...especially with all the violence going on in our schools and society now....so please do something about this....


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so please do something about this....


There are many Tools and Features that allow Privacy Restrictions on any type while playing Online on Xbox LIVE. If this is the case it would be best to you as the parent to understand, learn and use these Features.


Report the infraction on the console. If you feel your sons life is endangered report it to your local law enforcement.

This forum is for game discussion. You need to report the incident when it happens from your console. If it is too late for that, go to the "recent player" section of your sons friends list from the console, and select to report him from there, and give a brief description of the incident.

if you think that craps bad , type in uno xbox live on you tube.


people talk crazy on xbox live even with a "family' game like uno.


As others have stated, please use the complaint system on your console to file a proper complaint against the user so the Xbox LIVE Policy Enforcement Team can action the user accordingly. Click here if you need help on how to do that.


Also, as LostKauz said, there are options to restrict voice chat and the like for your child while playing on Xbox LIVE. If you would like to set those settings for your child's account, please PM me and I will walk you through it.