[LOCKED] IGN Reports that a new Xbox is being made for 2012

what are your taughts?

I think its a good thing

I have had lots of great fun with my Xbox 360 but now the focus seems to be kinect


*** Oh and my ideal next gen game system is on my website, a link is on my tag line.


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I think that's enough.

The simple fact that the Xbox 360, Microsoft's 2nd home console, is even competing in sales with Sony's 3rd Console, the follow up to one of the most sold consoles of all time (PS2) is a huge statement in and of itself.  Considering MS killed off the original Xbox right away to support the 360 and gamers still propelled it to new heights is staggering.   As of right now the 360 is almost making itself out to be like the PS2 of this generation.  I don't see gamers giving up on the 360 so soon after a new Xbox is released.  The Xbox brand has stamped its mark on the gaming industry, it's the first home console to successfully let gamers build a community of gaming friends with tons of support from tons of the best developers the world has to offer.


Anyway, Nintendo is next up with their console & I can't wait to get details on how the online networking will be.  And with them using a new disc format for 25GB of space, MS will have to do the same with their new hardware.  How much will XBL be improved with a new console?  I have no idea what they can do, but as of right now they are way ahead of the game.  It'll be even more interesting 3 or 4 years from now to see how PSN will be on PS4.  It's funny, I don't even care much for what the hardware will be like for all 3, it'll be fun playing next-gen games either way.  I'm far more interested in how they all will improve the way the console's gamers get to interact.

Or I'll just keep up with what I want to.

To only use US sales these days is ludacris. US sales while a huge part of gaming sales it's not even half of the world market anymore. It's like movies. Sure the Hangover 2 is going to do better than Pirates 4 in US and maybe that makes Pirates 4 look bad but if you include worldwide sales Pirates 4 is kicking Hangover 2's butt. Hangover 2 worldwide $436 mil Pirates 4 $907 mil. Also the 360 had a full year head start. It sold 7 million units worldwide before the PS3 came out. Right now it's less than 4 million ahead. So if you do the math since both were on the market at the same time the PS3 has outsold the 360. The US isn't everything anymore. If you're only looking at US sales you might as well not bother keeping track at all.

Again, that doesn't change anything. Why even bring it up if isn't relevant? You said it was the best selling console for a while and when shown real numbers against that, you used sale numbers from one country.

One way or the other, doesn't detract from Mug point.

Since I do only follow American sales what else am I suppose to say. I've never went to vgcharts truthfully never heard of it. Weak it may be but truth it is.

Ah now, come on Covert.

Lets be honest here, "I only follow American Sales" is a pretty weak excuse at best and doesn't make much difference that yes, PS3 is narrowing the gap between it and 360 sales rapidly. VG Charts is well know and accurate. Has been for years.

I see that you do.

@Covert Affairs

you are like freaking sarah palin

Do you really want to go down this road...

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