[LOCKED] Help me out here?Can i get some answer?

My Tag name is AirHead357.

I still havn't get an answer back about why my account is gona get suspended?And on my last post was deleted?and all i can say is why?and please feel free to sent me an email.and some kids try to trick my son into cheating and he didn't wanted to do it.and then that kids goes and reported on him?for a ______what?please can i get some answer back?So a TATOR SALAD 186 is a trickie kids?

p.s...sent it to......... [Mod Removed]

Thank you.


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First of all, remove your email address as this is a public forum.

Secondly post this in the Accounts Suspension forums, not here. You will get an answer there. Link

The enforcement team don't suspend or ban on hearsay. They investigate and with evidence choose enforcement that meets the severity  of the breach of Xbox Live's T&C's. There may be more to it than you are aware, so post here http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/f/41.aspx and see if they can provide some answers.

What was the scam your son refused to do? As MW2 was the last game played, are you sure your son didnt join a tampered game lobby? If he did then that would be why hes banned.

The Infection cheat has to be activated by the player. He could have just turned off his XBOX to get out of it.