[LOCKED] hello (again). goodbye!


ive been a halo player since halo 2 came out for the xbox n xbox live, n ive been an xbox player since ghost recon came out for the xbx/xbl. i loved halo 2. trudged through halo 3 with its lack of hitscan (aiming five feet in front of somebody whos five feet in front of you is pretty rediculous -- n dont try n say its "realistic" kids, cuz it aint)! n, not too long ago, immediately returned the garbage that is halo reach to reclaim a piece of my hard earned money. now, im not gonna sit here n tell you why (be it due to the bloomin bloom, or the bloatedly sluggish gameplay that makes the spartans run n jump like tortoises, or the extra choppy framerates (really bungie? it was ALREADY slow enough!), or the armour lock... or the stupid single fire dmr, or the crappy nades n rockets, or the horrendous melee system carried over from halo 3 (post update, iykwita), or the armour lock...... OR THE gimmicky perks, OR THE half @@@ broken ranking system, OR THE retarded assassination animation that gets me kiled, OR THE......... you get the picture). however, i will tell you this. recently, i bought halo reach to play through the campaign again with a friend. i decided to play matchmaking just to see how it was. FIRST GAME im assaulted by a couple of old, @@@ dbags (gschossmann n lego rules) who are dropping the n bomb everywhere, cursing, n, oh, lets not forget BETRAYING me! so, i boot the first one, but then the SECOND one starts to shoot me n let me get killed by the other team. NOW... didnt it used to be so that if you shot at your teammate n he died, after a couple of times YOU got BOOTED!? guess bungie decided to "FIX" that! good on ya, bungie (*morons*)! ;) i'll never buy another one of your crappy halo games again!! :)

no wonder not even 100k players are playing this pos! cod may have annoying lag compensation, but at least its fast n fun n everybody's not a complete ***!

goodbye (and good riddance)!


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Bungie.net is to your right mate.

I feel your pain but I don't think this is the place to be saying you're leaving Reach mostly because most people would be thinking "good, one less whiner in Reach".