[LOCKED] harassment and talking pervertedly

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eariler today befor my 10 year old daughter went too school we where playing black ops and a gamer started too call her a (Mod Removed) and also said she likes too have (Mod Removed) with me, if he is not baned from playing i will goferther and call the police, his gamer tag is (Mod Removed - Gamertag), my gamer tag is biker boy 1974, my daughters is (Mod Removed - Gamertag), can some one plz let me know wat can be done about this please and thank you


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its bad (but not unexpected) to hear this. some people think its cool to talk that way and ruin what is a great community of gamers. i have young kids who play online too and as a parent would hate to hear them being talked to like this. my eldest is 13 years old and he probably hears worse than this at school but when hes playing games with other people i expect him to have some degree of courtesy towards other gamers.i dont think anything would be done about this because whoever chief underage is could just start a new account. sdadly its something what goes on but there really isnt any control over it.

Firstly, you let your 10 year old daughter play a M rated game? Did you really think everyone would be on their best behavior?

That questionable logic out of the way, just file a complaint on the gamertags and use the avoid button.

1. Your 10 year old daughter shouldn`t be playing Call of Duty. Its an M Rated game for 17 years or older.

2. If you have an issue with another player, Mute them, block communications and use the File Complaint tools to file a complaint. The XBL PET will take care of it.

3. Don`t post gamertags on the forum. It is against the rules to call out other players.

I'm very sorry for your experience. But, you will need to file a formal complaint on the user, and let the Xbox LIVE Policy Enforcement Team handle them as the users above stated. Click here, and follow those steps to find out how. Once the complaint has been filed, the XBLPET will handle the issue from there as they see fit.

Also, just a suggestion, you may want to set your daughter's account safety settings to "Friends Only" so this doesn't happen again, because it will, especially when playing Black Ops. Here are the steps to do that if you're interested:


 A. Go to My Xbox, and select your avatar.

 B. Move to Online Safety, and then select Change Settings.

 C. Select Customize.

 D. Select Voice and Text, then select Friends Only.

 E. Select Save and Exit.

(Note If you are using a child account on Xbox LIVE, the parent account must approve this change)

If you decide to enable those settings, and are having difficulty doing so, please contact me through either a Xbox LIVE Message or PM, and I will assist you. But, besides that, there is nothing more that can be done for you on these forums. You will need to use the complaint option on your console as previously stated.