[LOCKED] Halo Players AGAINST bungies change (Updated 4/6/11)

Hi, for thoses of you who dont know me,

 im sewell98,                      The leader of The Numb3rs clan

and now leader of the HPABC          (Halo Players AGAINST bungies change) I have just finished reading the bungie weekly update (http://www.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?type=topnews&cid=31665) and have come to a conclusion that the changes that will be made after 7/7/11 are stupid and unneccassary. So I am starting a group against these changes hoping that if enough people join bungie will listen and review the changes. They just have to see that there are alternatives. Here are mine so far....

1)  A seperate site could be created for "PS3" users so that no bickering or rivalry will begin on 8/7/11.                                                                                                     

2) Bungie. net could be parlty only open to xbox users and part to PS3 users, which seems fair. We have ours they have theirs!

So i am starting this movement now, with a webpage hopefully opening by the 8th latest.

UPDATE-----Just leave a comment and I can get back and update this evrey day, the link to the webpage for this movement should be open to all halo players by the 8th. I am sorry to say that a bungie.net log in will be required to join the group so make that now!


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and how exactly was

*i supposed to join this group

Are you trying to tell us that the fact that Bungie will start actually talking to, and making space for, their coming PS3 fans is 'unnecessary and stupid'?



I don't think there's anything I can say to that.

You realize that PS3 fans already go onto the B.net forums, correct? There are thousands of players who own both consoles, and others who have played Halo but now own a PS3, etc. It's a website open to the public, not just people with and Xbox. These "unnecessary" changes are going to happen no matter what you want. Just look at the name of your group. HALO Players Against Bungie Change. After 7/7/11, Bungie has declared an official end to their Halo era. This means that they have NOTHING to do with Halo any longer, despite maybe a little bit of housework here and there.


After Bungie Day, 343i/Microsoft will have total control over Reach and the franchise. So whether you like it or not, Bungie IS moving on from this game so that they can make other ones, and consequently, their website will also change. Running real websites cost money. Bungie would never make a separate website for PS3 users, just the same as no other multiplatform developer does. They could have it similar where they have designated forums for each console, but having 2 completely different websites is ludicrous. You don't want to have console wars, yet you're discriminating against PS3 users? This idea is useless, and nothing you do now is going to change what Bungie does in the coming months.