Locked Designs and Tunes

Why are all designs and tunes locked in the Auction House?  I brought up this question in Forza 3 but never got an intelligent answer.  

The best reason I got was "you can't change someone elses design in real life so why should you be able to change it in the game".  Seriously?????  I can't go buy a car and have it painted, or swap out performance parts on it?


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i think you're going to get the same answer. i think they dont want you to be able to re sell someone elses tune or paint by making a small change

surely that's gotta be a small percentage compared to those who just use the designs for themselves......I mean if you get more out of the game by spending time tweaking paints or tunes then you should be able to do that.  

I would rather see the auction house go away if you can't customize things you BUY from it.

You're buying the tune and/or the paint. That does not give you rights to modify them. Just use them.

Same reason you cant buy a tune and mess with it.

That doesn't even make sense.  Are you saying I could not go out and buy a race car that is race ready and has a custom racing paint job and paint it, or mess with the cars setup?  If I "BUY" something, I should be able to do whatever I want with it.

Okay - then don't buy them.

I wish I had a choice whether to allow others to modify or not, especially within my own club.

Gift the car. They can then tune it.

The use of the Auction House is for the seller  to get  their idea to the public. If you like their ideas but wanted to change some things, my suggestion would be to ask the seller for the scheme for additional costs. Other than that quit your bitchin

so you think if i paint something and put a tune on that car and sell it that way.....you should be able to come along and change the paint and the tune? retarded!!! if you dont like the paint or the tune...but a blank car and make your own. but why in the world would/should you be able to mess with mine?

They are locked for many reasons, these reasons are:

- Cheaters/Hackers/Modders

- People taking credit for the work that they got elsewhere and claim they have created it (Seen it too many times, even with my own paints)

- Money

Anything else? Just ask :)

EDIT: Oh Hai Mimic :D

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