(Locked) Dead Space 2 checkpoint reload problems?

Anyone have any trouble with the checkpoints? The game loads fine when selecting a file, but when I die or manually reload a checkpoint, I have trouble half the time. Either the game sits on the loading screen forever, never loading (not frozen), or there is some glitch after it loads (unable to equip and use a weapon slot). I've only noticed this on my second playthrough though. The first time around, I can't remember any problems. Anyone noticing this on New Game+ or Zealot difficulty??--That's what I'm playing.


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That's the first time I've heard of it.  What's the condition of your disc?  Any deep scratches or micro-cracks?  Have you tried installing it to you HD?  I highly suggest trying that.  Note you have to install both discs.  Have you tried spitting on it and cleaning it?  Have you tried calling it names while shaking it like a newborn?

Hmm.  Could be due to the update, though we shouldn't rule out the fact that it hasn't been shaken like a baby enough.  Maybe try clearing your Xbox's cache, then see if that affects anything.  I've been following the DS 1 and 2's forums for a very long time.  What you're experiencing is definetly unique.  

could also be bad sectors on your HDD, try deleting the install, download something of a similar size and then reinstall this will install it to another part of the HDD.

Maybe try clearing your cache too, that can enhance system performance.

how do you do that on the 360??? can it even be done?

Dead Space 2 playing from the Disc was quite a "task" while on the Xbox 360. The Disc can be literally heard spinning every step you took. I would recommend the same as above. First, Install the Game if you haven't already done so. Second, clear the Cache from the Systems Setting under Memory and Device Options (the Y button will appear).


I never experienced any issues while playing DS2 from the HDD but this was when the Game first was released. Good luck and if you have any questions just ask.

I played through the game several times without installing it to the HDD. I never had any problems with it.

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I played through the game several times without installing it to the HDD. I never had any problems with it.


I never had problems either.  I did install both discs the second time around just because I wanted to.  Didn't really notice a difference.