I am personally sick and tired of cheaters, people who use offensive emblems on Call of Duty Black Ops, nazi symbols, pornographic imagery etc. I am also sick of the abusive and harassing messages.


So, this is for the Xbox Live Policy Enforcement (or support, or whatever mystical name you all go by.) I will compile a list of people who are breaking the rules and update it every single day. Hopefully, this will be of some use, and help keep the online gaming experience enjoyable, or maybe even more enjoyable.


The first on the list is:


(Mod Removed - Gamertags)


This is as of 26/06/2011. Or 06/26/2011 if you are American.

Will be updated daily.



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Thats alot of GT's cant wait for a mod to see this and uMadbroseph?

@ OP: Maybe instead of posting their info (which is against the forum rules and can get you banned) you should have sent that message to the admins. Posting their info here only acts like free advertisement. 

Despite the rule breaking of calling out gamertags in the forums, I hope that justice is served.

Simple. Set your settings to friends only.


Ok, I see that people have said that it is against the rules to post names here, and that I should send the message to a site admin instead. If anybody could tell me how to send a message to a moderater, and also how to remove this thread. I had no intention of rule breaking, just breaking the people who break the rules!

Any help much appreciated!

File a complaint through your Xbox mate, they do get looked at.  Also you can file complaint through black ops for inappropriate player card and abusive language .

This is the internet era with rap videos and female north american singers displayed in non-ladylike ways.  Fools imagine no one will be able to do anything about them online and of course be anonymous.  


As a man I will admit I will look at "hot" girls dressed like girls in rap videos, but I know where to draw a line.  Just imagine these retards wearing a pornographic shirt  on the beach and looking for a girlfriend.  They will not understand why they will "epic" fail with their lack of maturity and assume girls are stupid.

This problem will be here forever, cuz you can't change people's mind. Just ignore them. Also reporting gt's is waisting time.

You have to contact the developers for in game cheats and the dev is not Xbox, its Treyarch. Dont spam peoples gamertags throughout the forums, you are breaking the rules yourself and two wrongs dont make a right.

All this from a guy whose gamertag is "chrisjew"???? Hope you get banned too.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.