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I have a few cars in my garage that locked. I'm not sure why. The one specifically in question is a Ferrari 250. It is the car that is 10 million credits. I purchased the car with tokens. I added some parts, a quick paint job and I am unable sell it on the auction house. The message is that the car is locked and cannot be sold. I am able to use the sell feature from the garage, but it will only pay 100 credits; similar to cars that are won while playing career mode. Does any know what constitutes a locked car?


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Nevermind. I found out that cars purchased with tokens can't be sold.

you would be correct cars bought with Tokens, Imported from FM3 or Unicorn cars are locked and can not be gifted or sold online via the auction house

you would have to sell them through the garage for whatever the car's resale value is if you really want to get rid of it

I can understand the logic. You would have people buying cars with "real money" to sell on the auction house. I don't exactly feel stuck with a Ferrari 250. :)

It's been said before, even a casual player can make easy money in this game. I see no need for tokens... however, to each his own. I'm just trying to advise/help.

To clarify this point: I had two tokens which I did not purchase. I assume one was for Forza 3 profile and the other from the Porsche Pack. So, I decided to spend them out of curiosity. I agree with Metal, the in game credits come easy. I'm not sure why the token usage was put into the game.

There's the problem, I have LCE, season pass, several DLC's. Yet, I have never recieved a token. May have been a cheater and you were unlucky. I cannot say for sure. I do know people have been banned for going into unscrupulious rooms.

Interesting. Now I'm curious where the tokens came from.

I am interested if anyone else has ever received free tokens. This is the first time I've heard of it.

You get 2 tokens for purchasing the Porsche Pack

Really now... I should have 2 tokens then...