[LOCKED] Banned for no reason

 I was banned from collecting points in Halo Reach. I have never done anything but play the game. I have never quit, I don’t boost or even use a microphone to talk smack, my Xbox has not been modified, I have never done anything but play when I want… Completed the match “every mach start to finish without giving up on the goal of the game type”… play again if I won’t or shut it off if I’m done. I don’t get it. If Bungie needs any proof that there automated banned hammer service don’t work I’m it… BANNDE FOR NO REASON.


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Sorry OP but your Halo Reach Record would beg to differ. Practically every FF Game you play, it is AFK. Reap what you sow and enjoy your Cr Ban.



agreed, so yes you have been banned for reason stated by LostKauz

That is a load of crap why would they give you the option to leave the game in the menu options if you are going to be penalized for it. I understand the game types that don't give the option where the only way out is shutting down or going back to your dash board. FF matchmaking is the only game type that gives the option if they didn't wont you to do it then the option should not be there.

OP, you won't receive much sympathy here.  And there is nothing the xbox forums can do about this.


However, if you feel you were unjustly punished, you need to PM Jeremiah at bungie.net.


Be forewarned that there is a double or nothing clause.  If Jeremiah finds the ban to be justified, your ban will be doubled.  If you are innocent, then you have nothing to worry about.


Good luck with that.


Um... you weren't penalized for leaving the game.  If anything, given your stats, you got penalized for credit farming and being AFK in Firefight.  If you're not clear as to what that entails... look it up.  Bungie.net probably has a thousand threads based on that subject alone.  

I advise you not to bother taking it up with Jeremiah, you'll only get your ban extended.  Whether you accept it or not, you're guilty as charged. 

Absolutely not true; hand to god I have never done it and wait from my stats makes you think I have? If you read my first post I already stated that I do nothing but play the game. I never have attempted nor do I ever intend on doing anything but play the game as it was intended. Yes I have gone in to the menu options while playing FF and chose the option to leave the game mostly because the others in the grope are doing nothing.

I'm not looking for sympathy or absolution. I'm looking for a plausible reason to why I was banned.  

If Bungie needs any proof that there automated banned hammer service don’t work I’m it…

Alright. I think we're good at this point.

As previously suggested, please go to Bungie.net concerning this and post on their forums. Information about the recent Credit Bans is here.


Information about any ban from Halo: Reach will not be found here.