[LOCKED] A guy said some REALLY personal things...

Ok so  i was playing Halo: Reach with a friend at his house. We had just got out of a game when we both recive a msg saying [Mod Edit] So im just think hes upset about being killed alot by my friend and I. Then I specificly get a msg saying [Mod Edit] So he invites me to a chat exclaiming that i was a big cheater and i deserve to get kicked off the game, then he was shouting. [Mod Edit]  "I was saying jeeze! whats your problem?"  then he said " GET  YOU AFFAIRS IN ORDER BECAUSE YOUR DONE!" and left the chat. I was like wtf? (also he sounded to be about late 30s early 40s [ I am only 15]) and then he sent me a msg saying "you've been warned, whatever happens next is on your head" now i started to get a bit worried. next he msged me again saying [Mod Edit] His gamertag is [Mod Removed]

here are picture i have: 

[Mod Removed]


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Don't report it here. You're about to catch a TOS or COC violation yourself. Report him in the system- File a complaint, Communications. They'll probably ban him.

Honestly, what he just did is illegal, and if you really wanted to, you can call the cops on him. Microsoft is more than happy to work with the authorities.

Please file a complaint on this player and the Policy Enforcement Team will take care of it from there. Thanks.