[LOCKED] 2 Tactical Films!

-Fresh from the forges of our videoediting software!

I originally needed to make theese films for an argument, and as an example.
But either way, I just put them up on youtube! They feature me and another member of my clan. Several times during the film, the camera switches between us to put focus on the teamwork and tactics we use to stay alive.
Personally I think the switching works nicely as an element/agent. Now the film is more than just uncut gameplay. I'd say it's a lesson in team-tactics!

\\\\\\\ Double Teaming; Multi Team on Countdown

\\\\\\\ Response; Dual Untouchable

I'm not sure if people in this part of the community focus alot on tactics, and that kind of discussion. But hopefully you do!
If you don't, then these films will probably not make your day. :p
If you do enjoy discussing tactics, can you recognize or analyze any of our moves? Anything you think we should have done different? I always want to learn and improve, so please let me know what you think. :)


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I watched a minute and fourteen seconds of the first one and I personally wasn't impressed.


Thanks for teaching me that Armour Lock, Assassinations from around the corner, grenades and running out and dying with the Shotgun are the way to go.


While I'm at it with my groundbreaking tactics, I should also fight 'n00bs' in an Objective game and use the AR rather than the DMR.


Seriously. The extent of your 'tactics' that match were *Armour Lock* "Quick, I have him distracted!" *Teammate melees twice*. The start of the next game was all I watched, but the ultimate in 'nade spam combined with letting a teammate get butchered was good to see. I'd really, reeaally like you guys on my team...


Classy game guys, no undue offense.

Lol so, you go into Multi Team objective games, don't go for the objective, and just go around trying to kill people?


And we're supposed to be impressed?


Here's some advice to improve your game: Try winning.


Maybe if you guys were destroying the opposition AND winning the game, it'd be a different story. But that was just terrible. You're damn right those were average games. Get a Killtacular while actually attempting to cap a hill, then I'll be impressed.


THIS is a perfect example of how easy it can be to kill people while they're busy with the objective. Except, for the rest of that game, I was actually trying to win. Half of my team, unfortunately, was not.

Oh good, I was wondering what other responses would be like .


I watched all of both in the end and my opinion didn't get any better. The second film was an interesting watch: it was interesting seeing what they considered tactics. Missing almost every shot with the Snipe and crouching with Shotgun are truly the way to get 25 points in a 100 or 150 point game.


Don't get me wrong: I have games like that. However.... I don't pop onto the Forums posting how my tactics are light-years ahead of anyone else's because I get an Untouchable against guys who BARELY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING.


Don't be too proud. Watching your deaths after you lost the Shotguns was amusing too .

Heheh, I didn't think that all the replies would be this negative :P

First of all, I guess I didn't HAVE TO post that second video up there. That was just a response to a guy who put up a video of a running riot spree, and when I critized him, claimed that I wouldn't beat that. So I put up a game where we were both going for kills.

Though in addition to that, I sometimes like to go for kills in objective games, because its the only way to get more than 20 kills before the game ends, since the cap is at 50. (On the other hand, in "Slayer" Games, I always go for objective. I like to mix things up a little :)  )

Yes, I know we didn't take the hill. The tactics were about Survival, as stated. And as you can clearly see in the videos, we are very much aware of how easy it is to kill newbies chasing the objective.

The first film was the one I was trying to promote with tactics.

Noble 29's clip was a great example of what I was NOT going for in my first video. In his clip he caught a team of newbies by suprise and got a extermination, and an overkill with the rockets. Something that I'd say seemed like luck against newbies. My video on the other hand, clearly shows tactics, which is something you don't see much around nowadays. It's not about luck! It's results are predictable. Even though they consists of simple callouts and formations, its better than anything I've seen yet. And I'll keep improving.

I don't see why you think we shouldn't post out films in the forum unless you find them impressive?

I never claimed the tactics to be any new or "groundbreaking" or "light-years ahead". We mostly use decoys, faints, formations, flanks, forced-target-change, synchronized double teaming and exposure. Simple and effective.

Apperantly this part of the community doesn't discuss alot on tactics, like I stated in my first post...

I wonder what "groundbreaking tactics" ChainSmokingBob got going on! X) Extermination with the rocket launcher??

Otherwise thanks for the feedback I guess :)

so you posted a video where you lose? not only once but twice is something wrong inside your head?

that wasn't even close second

altought you got a really nice shot.....at a hologram

and on the old days, a tactical team would have won the match I see nothing tactical on your team

Heheheh, you really wanted to flame me as well, didn't you.

I'm sorry, I have problems understanding everthing you said. You should learn better english. Though, as I've already stated here, and on the video: the TACTICS were about SURVIVAL. We were going for kills instead of the objective. You should read the entire post instead of replying randomly :) Is there something wrong inside YOUR head? :P

I see that what would be EVEN BETTER would be winning the game as well. I will keep that in mind for a future video. However, right now I went for kills. If you cant use your head a little, and IMAGINE that, and see the tactics that could be used in survival, I guess you're not much into discussing tactics.

I see nothing interesting about your superficial analyzis and reply ;)

If you had any decent English, you'd understand what I was implying when I talked about having groundbreaking tactics, so don't give him crap for it.


Like I said, the extent of your tactics, from what I could see, involved attacking people at the same time, making sure you had Shotguns, making sure you played with some of the absolute worst players I've ever seen and making as many Assassinations as possible, for some unknown reason. AMazing dude, really good stuff. What do you want me to do, say 'Nice work, you can smash new players who can't even tell when someone's behind them'?


While some of us here don't focus on a given aspect, some of us do and I for one wasn't impressed, so I see nothing interesting or significant about your 'superficial analyzis' of our community.


Seriously. People have been managing to keep themselves alive while bashing new players and thinking they're doing something special since H3, nevermind H2 and H1.

Classic hurt feelings tactic ITT

"If you had better English blah blah blah"

There was nothing special or tactical about these videos at all. Nothing none of us haven't seen 497,932,174 times before.

Congrats on losing those matches!

can't we all just get along?

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