Local Multiplayer?

I just bought my 11 year old an XB 1 master chief bundle, in the hopes that we could do local multiplayer.  Since he was old enough to hold the controller he's loved doing coop or firefights and such in split screen, but I wanted us both to be able to play full screen on separate systems, the way I used back in the day.

But apparently I'm either missing something, or MS took that option away since I can't find anything at all about playing multiplayer with another xbox on the local area network.

His XB Live account is just a child one of my gold account, so he can't do his own multiplayer online.  Is the only way this will work for us is to have me get him set up for XB gold and then we have to play with each other online even though we're on the same local segment of my network?

Seems like a total waste if we can't do it at all locally anymore.   But that's what I'm guessing the result will be since in all my internet searches I've found nothing so far about local LAN, just local on a single box doing split screen.

Thanks for any info.



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Put his gamertag on your FAMILY. It you can disable chat but allow online play.

The XboxOne does not have LAN support like the original Xbox did, as a matter of fact only a few Xbox 360 games supported LAN. Co-op Local and Co-op LAN are two different things, and I am sure you're aware of that. Unfortunately the best way to play the way you want to is to create two Microsoft Accounts gamertags. They removed all LAN options out of the Halo games, well because of the Xbox One does not feature it.