Local co-op running speed is wrong - too slow!

Has anybody noticed this issue when playing a campaign cooperatively on the same television together?  When playing a local, co-op campaign, the running/walking speed of Master Chief is about half of what it should normally be.  My brother and I are huge fans of the original Halo, and we played it a ton on the original Xbox, so we know the game very well.  My brother bought the Anniversary edition, and immediately we jumped into a co-op campaign, and immediately we both noticed that something just wasn't right.  Both of our characters run extremely slowly.  The game itself is fine... all the animations are smooth, and the game itself isn't running slow.  It's just the walking/running speed is about half of what it should be.

After playing the game for a bit, I played a single player campaign and everything was perfect, exactly as I remembered Halo.  I was running and walking down corridors at the exact speed I remember.  Then we switched over to co-op again, and boom, we were both walking slowly.

Is this an issue anyone else has experienced?  Is this a bug that's been fixed through an update?  We're using a new-ish Xbox 360 Slim.  I'm just puzzled as to why in co-op on the same television we'd run more slowly than in the single player game.  It really wasn't nearly as fun.


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It's because of the perspective shift, bro. You're speed is the same, it just looks different. Get out a stopwatch and time yourself if you don't believe it.