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I was just wondering why there is no Lobby Leaderboards for when you play zombies on any of the maps, so you can never tell how good, or bad the people you are about to play with really are.


As of now the only way to see someones stats is to add them as a friend and have them do the same to you, but i don't know about you guys but i don't like adding random people to my friends list, too much clutter


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I think there is a lobbyleaderboard, you maybe just need to filter it. Dunno for sure, I havent gotten into zombs too much yet.

There isn't a lobby leaderboard which disappoints me as well, but it's because people would keep quitting out of a lobby when they saw someone had a high round of 8. It would take forever to get games going.

that would be nice if they could add it


true more people would back out of lobbys if they knew someones highest round was 8, but at least that saves me from playing a whole game with them and watch my score go down everytime they bleed out becuase if i know  the dude is just gonna try to be rambo and get all the kills IM NOT going to try to run around  the whole map trying to reveive them

^^Play with parties/friends OR take the chance of surviving with randoms. Thats half the fun and half the battle there.

what mitchell said.  I don't care for zombies much but when I do play it I do it with friends only.  It's more enjoyable plus you can talk about things instead of ranting and raving about what someone is not doing right.  I have never taken zombies seriously and couldn't care if someone didn't give it all when they play.  I enjoy acting like an idiot myself sometimes.  

i normally play with my friends but they tend to get off earlier than me so i end up playing a few games with randies before i pass out for the night, so it would be nice to know what im getting myslef into