Lobby Lag?

I have noticed today that sometimes when I first try to join a match it is just stuck doing nothing says like looking for party 0% or something so I back out and it just freezes with an trayarch logo and a circle thingy... Is it just me lagging or something wrong with servers or the game?


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Nope having the same issue it says zero matches when finding a game. Back out goes to the treyarch symbol like you said then back to the menu hit find match again and it works everytime on the second try. Something up with there servers

Me too.Then if i leave it long enough it just says "can't connect to Call of Duty server"

Ok good I thought it was just me

I've backed out if a pre game lobby and about a minute later it dragged me into the game when it starts.Whats with that?

It's been freezing in lobbies for me today  too. Both multiplayer and in zombies. It starts out searching like always and then it freezes at waiting for host.  I'm not getting disconnected from server errors or anything like that, it just freezes. Have you or anyone else found a solution? I was actually going to make my own thread about the issue, but if a lot of ppl are experiencing this problem I guess I'll wait a bit and see if it gets fixed... :/

i am also having issues connecting to games today.  says it found 50 but doesnt connect to any

been having issues getting into matches since Tuesday. also been having random times where everything lags but its not like regular lag its almost like the entire game is trying to freeze really weird