loadout problems

every day when i turn my xbox on I go to play halo 4 my load outs are set back to the default. I have to buy every thing again and fix all my loadouts but nothing else is messed. monday of last week it showed that all my aromor,loadouts and spartan id was all new i also bought the champions bundle dlc and did not get the new stances


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Yes this thing with the loadouts happened to me too.

What can you expect...It's Microsoft!

I haven't experienced any problems with halo 4 since I've had it day one. My suggestions are try clearing your cache and re downloading your purchased items to see if that will fix your problem.

My loadouts have been ok since the last matchmaking update.

I have been having this problem as well, what the hell!

How can we fix this???

for me its about every week or two its been happening for a couple months now. does there tech team even read these?

I have been having the EXACT same problem! It has something to do with the Champions Bundle casuing some sort of glitch.

This happened to me too a couple of times. It's really annoying but hasn't happened in a long time for me. Hopefully that means that glitch was fixed