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Whenever I turn this on the game just seems to hang for ages when I try to do anything such as...

  • Pressing Start at the beginning
  • Accessing game modes
  • Loading saved game
  • Saving  progress

It freezes so much so that I cannot even access the Xbox quick menu by pressing the Xbox button on the controller.

The game eventually loads and there are no problems with freezing during the actual gameplay.

Is this normal or do I have an issue with my Xbox / disc?


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I get the same crap when I hop in the traim with the motorcycle. I get a black sceen I wait an thing  happens. And when I push start I get stuck in a loading screen. I give up

Still getting this issue with the free "games with gold" download.

Playing with a friend and we're stuck in a loading screen mid game. (after the 1st cutscene on "everyone knows Slappy")

If anyone knows how to fix, please help!

It took me at least a decade to find the Dead Rising forums. 'Next' 'Next' ....'Next'

Me too. The first time I put the game in and got the popup window to select Storage Device, I thought my system had frozen up. I was about to push the button on the console to manually shut down when it finally continued. I've never experienced such slow game saving/loading before.

You're not alone with this, I get the same issue.

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I have had similar issues and did have my game freeze in a loading screen and I had to completely shut down. I think it's just an issue with the game, not the disc.

Have you tried installing the game to your 360?  You'd still need the disc to verify it, but it would run and load everything from the 360 hard drive instead of the disc.

The load times are slow but I can't say I've come across anything as slow as what you're describing.