LMG issues

I have noticed since the update that when using LMG's, I have to shoot quite a bit more than I used to to get a kill.  Not on every kill, just some where it seems to go through them with no hit markers so I have go into spray and pray mode.


I have only had this issue with LMG's.  The **** and engineer guns work fine.   Anyone else notice this?  Any ideas as to why?


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bullet spread increased and recoil increased when full auto.

Totally agree. The nerf download info says really nothing about LMGs but the m240b is not what it used to be and the new Qb88 that you get in the new maps is just brutal. Where are all these bullets going? LOl.  Reminds me of the BC1 days when you had to pump 50-60 rounds from a M60 to kill somebody.

All weapons got some increased recoil and spread, but other than that I have not noticed a difference.

Yeah I noticed that the m240b had a little more recoil but still it's a good lmg.

Just use a bipod. You get 80% accuracy with those things.