livestreaming no sound?

I've checked everything on my end but still no sound while streaming on YouTube. Is there something YouTube or Cod doing to prevent streaming matches with sound?

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Try making a Twitch account and link that. If that has no sound either then it is definitely you.

I live stream on YouTube that's not the problem. The problem is there no sound people viewing the stream cant hear the game sound at all. Ive messed with every setting on my end to no avail. The streaming to YouTube works it just no sound :(

Once you monetize a video you get a youtube partnership that supports livestreams

That doesnt make sense. You dont need YT to livestream. Anyways, just sign on to your YT account (or do it for free) and you should be good?

Yep I know about the delay. I was looking around on Google found a poster claiming you have to have a YouTube partnership to stream with sound. Can anyone confirm that? Doesn't seem like that make much sense since only a hand full of ppl have partnerships with YouTube. That would make live stream useless for pretty much everyone.

There some delay type stuff in the game to prevent cheating I think, but I dunno if sound is part of it or not.