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Yesterday my buddie and I were able to play Gears 3 in co-op with me as the host.  Later in the evening, this was not possible. He could join me in party chat, and I could join his co-op (not preferable because our progress is saved on my xbox), but whenever he responeded to my invites it would say unable to join the match.  Also, I appeared in his friends list, but in the list of individual playing Gears my tag was greyed out and it said offline. Now, clearly I was not. And I was able to join some matches in wingman as a test.  Any ideas?


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Sounds like your(or his) NAT settings aren't "OPEN". TO check go to the MP menus and you can usually see what your NAT setting is. Should say "open". If it doesn't than I suggest you google "port forwarding xbox live" or login to your router and toggle the settings if possible.

Can't say this is your problem for sure. Just sounds kind of like it.