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I am looking to get some people together for a live stream this Saturday. We will either be doing Chaos Moshpit or Groundwar if we have enough people.  I am looking to trample the competition and get quite a few people watching the feed. It would be preferred if your SPM was above 350 but I understand it could be less say if you play a lot of SnD.  Other stats don't matter to me besides SPM.  If you are interested message me or send me a friend request.  I will try to be doing this on Saturday around 1pm EST.  If you have any ideas to make the stream more enjoyable feel free to drop them.  Thanks guys and I look forward to hearing from you!


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Nobody is interested?

Well usually it takes more time than 10 minutes for people to respond to certain threads. Also there is a sticky post at the top of this section where people post looking for others to play with.

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I know I saw that but I feel this is a little more specific than just playing with people. More of the live streaming niche. Also in that thread my post would be one of hundreds.


i have 2 other people besides me, looking for 3 more people preferably

5 posts by original creator, 1 by anyone else... well 2 now.


If you play SnD your SPM tends to be higher because the rounds are usually short and you get a lot of points for just a single kill. But, on the topic of people playing with you for your livestream, I don't think too many people are interested in playing just to be in a livestream, and I doubt that you have much of a following for it to be worth doing a livestream.

Please don't bump and/or double post. Use the sticky thread as I pointed out.

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