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Found this on the steam forums for Battlefield thought I would post it tons of info. Credits goes to the OP for the find.

Steam forum post.

[quote user="Rhodsie"]

Found this on the EA UK forums (Note-I did not write this, only pasted in all the links, some of this information is either incorrect or has been changed since the alpha):

Only squad mates can spawn on radio beacon (recon gadget I believe)

No, you can't have one hit kill sniper rifles

Possibility of mag based ammo count as DLC ?

M4 and M4A1 in game

DICE sees forum players as more hardcore players and not representative of entire player base

Can not stack squad bonuses

Recon class gets M39 (upgraded M14) and SKS

Squad gets notification when someone is using squad ammo upgrade unlock

Tower on Caspian Border is destructible

Air vehicles can be disabled and are hard to control when they are

Scope glint is directional

AT mines can't be disarmed by being shot

Silencers force subsonic ammo and reduced damage (possibly range also)

No AK-47 in BF3

All kits can use shotguns

Knife two hit kills from front still

3rd seat in tanks not related to MAV (micro air vehicle)

Proning or crouching keeps claymores from exploding when you go by them

You can blow up claymores with grenades also

Silencers (Suppressors) can be used on all guns besides shotguns

High magnification scopes on ARs will have glint as well as sniper rifle scopes

No game benchmark mode AGAIN

You unlock other faction's weapons when you complete a kit

You can NOW leave and re-enter control for UAV, mortars, and EOD bot without it them being destroyed !!!

You can disarm mines without blowing them up if engineer

No underwater gameplay

Smoke prevents spotting for a few seconds if player or vehicle is in smoke when it goes off

There are enhanced night vision optics in game

PDW's (personal defense weapons) like P90 are all kit weapons

You can free look spot in Jets

No throwable motion sensors (but Recon still has motion sensors)

M16A3 and M16A4 in game

No auto stabilization on helis

Small arms don't damage helis

C4 can't be detonated by bullets

No pistol customization

Parachutes can't be used from small heights and take time to open

Firearm stats for console and PC are the same

No one hit sniper kills to body even at close range

BF3 uses same bolt action rifle model as BF2

More scout tools for sniper

Shotguns have iron sights in BF3

Gravity based bullet drop in BF3 with bullet velocity variations

Not all weapons can use all optics.

Maybe no Blackhawks in BF3 ? [Black Hawks are used by the Army, the Marines will correctly use a variant of the UH-1.]

BF3 will have similar bullet damage and combat pace to BF2142

Possibly no M24 sniper rifle in BF3 [The Army uses the M24, the Marines use the M40, both are based on the same weapon system so the M24 should be out, for accuracy.]

Slugs confirmed

Size info on Operation Metro Map

No revive immunity and reduced spawn time if you get killed quickly after a revive

Whole screen will zoom in when aiming not just scope views

Disarm and kit pickup buttons are different buttons now (Yay !!!)

No difference in spawn timers between BF2 and BFBC2

Weapons only have firemodes they have in real life [The M16A4 had an automatic firing mode in the alpha, so either it has been changed or Demize is incorrect.]

Multiple weapons will get bipods

Can only bail from transports?

No variable grenade throw strength (i.e. cooking). Aparrently you've never been able to in any Battlefield game.

Quick grenades and equipable grenades both confirmed. Except console only has quick nades due to lack of buttons (tehe)

Joystick support on PC

Random recoil for each gun.
No idea if random deviation is coming back but Demize has said that BF3 will be similar to BF2142.

Sniper scopes (optics) flash when pointed at enemy to give away their position

No offline bots

When spawning, your firemode for a gun isn't saved. It reverts to default.

Level and vehicle designers from 2142 are working on BF3

Texas has the best steaks in the world (this is true)

Strafe while sprinting confirmed

Squad leaders create their squads like in BF2142

Squad leader stays until he leaves

No hybrid scopes

M4 only for engineer class

Beta in September

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This is amazing, thank you so much. There is a lot here I didn't know, and I thought I knew it all!

Thanks for the info.

Good thread Pluto!very good!Thanks.

About time they changes the kit swap and the arm/disarm button.

why no suppressed Shotguns? it's perfectly possible to do IRL... also, good to hear slugs are back.

Thank you.

[quote user="A Toxic Shotgun"]

why no suppressed Shotguns? it's perfectly possible to do IRL... also, good to hear slugs are back.


It might be possible, but it's not something that is used officially in the military. BF3 is striving for authenticity in their games in terms of what the militaries actually use.

Best thread  for BF3. You've got my vote.

Glad I looked here.  Was gonna make a post now about the radio beacon.

Excellent post. I learned a ton. Glad to hear about the motion sensors too.

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