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I am writing this in the hope that MS or Double Helix are reading these forums. Can we get a list of recent - say last five - players you've competed against on Live? Yesterday I played a guy who just delivered a non-stop tirade of cussing (for want of a better word) but I couldn't remember his bizarre gamer tag to block him - or indeed find an easy way to do this in the XO dash anyway. Having a recent games list would help with this and remembering potential new friends. Just needs the gamer tag, character they used as a reminder and maybe the outcome. Chris.

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There is a wishlist forum for feedback.

That's the best place for requests.

just go to fight archives, replays, and from there just look at the name.

Will do Heretic. Thanks. Good it know it's on the wish list.

no problem. i'm tired of rage quitters myself.