List of issues (add-on)

Loving the game but it isn't perfect.

  1. EOD bot is crazy to drive when it is going slower than 2mph (going in circles lol)
  2. Mines are inconsistent and do little damage, atleast for me (how many to destroy a tank or other vehicles?)
  3. Jets should come with flares standard. (I have a friend who can't get those because he is at a huge disadvantage. He keeps trying though lol)
  4. Mortar spamming (stop it... seriously. I played a game yesterday where I was just running from mortars haha)
  5. Lag
  6. Flashloights are still too bright. Tone them down some more plox?
  7. Javelin is next to useless with 2 rockets standard and 4 with explosive upgrade. Also you need to rely on Recon (oh god) inorder to use vertical launch. (I don't like the method where you aim up after locking on. I want a real vertical launch without recon using SOFLAM).
  8. Bring disable feature down to 33% health instead of 50% or disable at 50% but fire starts at 33% so you don't lose health until you are down to 33%.
  9. Fix bug where the flags/m-com locaters above the mini-map are not accurate.
  10. Also make flags that are being contested flash on your HUD.
  11. Also allow options for mini-map (I don't like the clutter of info telling me where ammo/health is. Blocks entire mini-map)
  12. Get rid of air vehicle out regen health (make them land)




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Most of these are simply personal and not really "issues" that need to be addressed.

I personally find nothing wrong with any of the above, with the exception of the AT Mines (I was expecting a lot more out of those) and the Disable Vehicle Threshold. If I hit an A-10 with a 120mm Tank round, it should blow up immediately... lol

Side note- I haven't noticed the M-Com/ Flags locations thing yet?

Wrong place to post this, Try the feedback and bug forums on Battlelog.

[quote user="NameMonkey Boy"]

Wrong place to post this, Try the feedback and bug forums on Battlelog.


It's fine here, not wrong. It's for Discussion.

That you can repair a burning vehicle with a blow-torch -.-

The whole game is glitched. They've turned it into COD: all the weapons remind me of COD too. They'll be putting perks in next (although I think they have e.g. sprint is an option for your soldier). Very, very, very sad. I was soooooooo looking forward to this too. I spent the last two weeks playing BFBC2 solidly to get the whole 1400 points.......I hate to say it but I'm trading this pile of crap in for MW3. I'll be playing BFBC2 again soon...........

Yeah the mortars need an ammo cap, although its tons of fun doing it. Me and 3 buddies all used mortars last night and held off a crate and destroyed all cover and enemies.

Something else that I have not found anybody saying anything about is the inability to deploy, I even searched it. You know after you die and wait for it to tell you to deploy but no matter where or who you try to deploy on it just wont happen. I have had squadmates have this happen to them as well.