List of 870 Shotgun Unlocks

Hers a list of all the  crap I unlocked for this gun:

Buckshot, flechette, frag, slugs

laser, ext mags, light, flash suppressor

quickscope, holographic, acog, sniper scope, ir scope, 3.5 scope. kobra quickscope

Is that everything?????


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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15.... There may be a couple more unlocks(about 18 per gun)... although what you'd want extra i don't know.... need an easy bake oven or something? maybe a tactical kimber night elf mohawk mounted as the foregrip so you can slug people with a .45 while you slug them?

Actually there is one other thing i want = To be able to select more than one stupid attachment per group! Why cant I have ext mags, laser and flashlight? Theres no reason.

actually, there is. it's called balance.

Balance as in the weight of my gun? lol

you can only have 1 type of perk per gun. and i checked. there are 3 more scopes a head, maxing out at 350.

Rank 22 gets the M1014.

If you go to the Battlelog website you can see the unlock progression.

You get all attachments for every gun.

Just unlocked another russian holographic

looks like there are 3 russian scopes left and something else, maybe a forward grip? Total of 20 Unlocks