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List good seed codes that will work for the newly updated Minecraft on x-box 360 here.

Trying to create a new world with mostly the biome which has bright green grass, not dark or dull green grass biomes, want there to be lots of trees, mainly flat with several beaches or lakes or something. Love the new jungle biome and we now have cats.


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Go to the middle of the map where you'll find a village surrounded by jungles.

Most important aspects of this map:

- A village spawns in the middle of the map (plains biome) and is surrounded by jungles, forest, and hills

- Village towards the west in a desert biome, the desert is very small but has a large village

- Stronghold spawns in a cave which branches into a ravine and the portal is intact

- Has a mushroom island towards the south east

- Blacksmith chest in desert village has 7 obsidian, 2 iron boots, 3 apples, and 3 bread

- Skeleton spawner above ground not too far away from the grassland village

- Nether has 2 blaze spawners and filled with nether wart

Here are the coordinates for skeleton spawner:

X: -67, Y:61, Z: 24

Coordinates for desert blacksmith:

X: 403, Y: 70, Z: 28

Coordinates for stronghold:

X: -96, Y: 34, Z: 29