does anyone play lips any more, and when will there be any new songs?


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Yes I do got all 4 discs,not sure if we gunna get any new songs though theres been no new DLC for a while.

Yes I do have the original game but don't ever play it.  I really just use the mics for Band Hero, and I haven't played that in ages either!

I´m kind of confused about the lack of information

What is going on, will there be anynew DLC or not? Is there a remake planned for Lips?

Is there anyway to centralise all of the songs across the different versions of Lips?

Always been put off buying any others due to having to swap disks for different songs.

There are posts on youtube on preventing disc swaps for lips... but I think you have to jail break the xbox which means no more XBL... which is the whole point of playing lips.  Disc swapping is horrible, they need to fix that crap - you would think that is totally possible by preinstalling the game to HDD.

I suspect that the future kinect lips is the reason for no more DLC... the only problem with that is it could be a long time until it is released - until then i suppose i must muck through the DLC again


is there anywhere a confirmed statement about the Kinect Lips?

oops sorry, didnt mean to give false hopes... I've only heard the rumors for its announcement in E3- but it is a natural fit.

**puts hand to head predicting**

Lips 2 - kinect enabled will have ...

-no disc changes after HDD install (like all DLC)

-variable difficulty levels

-multiple & selectable tone versions for duets

-single player harmony version tracks

-improved gesture/motion recognition (kinect with mic)

-more DLC

-improved voice lag

-slightly changed tone scale so an not to jump octaves

-customize utility to import tracks to add lyrics and tone scales

-better (more) statistics per track, streaks, etc...

-better playback to see streaks & to learn song nuances

-slightly improved track selection menu (no song preview list view option)

-better original voice track volume control

-playback of XBL top ten performances per song

-voice training lessons

-Import of Lips 1 songs...

or is that a wish list... etiher way...

With all those desired improvements though, Lips (#1 hits version) still kicks the hell out of sing star (except for the DLC of course).

o thanks for the all the information, i just knew THAT lips will probably come to kinect.

I still play lips and love it. I don't have kinect and aren't a fan of it, but if there will be a Lips/Kinect game, I'm going to buy kinect :]

Aaaand I've got one question, maybe someone in this thread can help me:

II've really problems to get the rhythm medal and don't understand why. All others are no problem and it's really annoying, I have to master the last two levels just by getting lots of rhythm medals :/ Have you any tips for me? (One thing I recognized: rap songs are easier to get that medal) And I'm confused, rhythm medal, hello, it seems to be easy :/


well I didn`t had problems with any medals,but I noticed if your batteries are low it is harder to get a good result


great that`s just what I thought, no real statement about anything.....Thanks MS to keep the Lips followers guessing

It is even harder for the Germans, cause nobody even seems to spread the rumors

Does anyone know what happened with the lips forum? I can´t find it

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