linking Battlelog to Gamertag help!!!!!

I have been trying to link my battlelog with my gamertag since i got the game, I have an ea account but when I try to sign into battlelog it says "buy BF3 to get access to battlelog" I have also tried going on my xbox on BF3 and pressing A on the Battlelog section of the home screen it try's to load but simply goes back to original state. If i go to my EA account the area or an Xbox Persona is here however it does not have the option to add one or edit it, is anyone having this problem? I'm struggling to find any help for my problem and there is no help on EA or Battlelog. I cannot find a UK telephone number for EA either. any help would be appreciated 


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I Have this problem too, i hope somebody help us..

Myself included on this problem as with a plethora of others complaining on the BF3 boards.

So Origin has stated the following concerning Battlelog;


Possible Errors

•"This account is not allowed to log in"

•"User account is not allowed to log in"

If you are receiving an error stating you can't log in to Battlelog, try playing the multi-player or co-op campaign. This should fix the error.

For PC players: You will need to buy the game and redeem the entitlement through Origin.


Well that's all and great but I'm not getting either of those errors, in FACT it's giving me the PC error, this one...

'Buy BF3 to get access to Battlelog. Check the FAQ'

Seriously? I the game, redeem the online code, have played multiplayer multiple times (Sgt 1 star), tried co-op, use my EA original account, changed my Origin alias to reflect my gamertag and even went as far as trying to re-register the online code and bonus pack which promptly told me they have already been activated.

Basically, it comes down to this...if you just created a new EA account for BF3 and it's using the email tied to your gamertag, you'll get Battlelog. If you have legacy EA account you'll get the run around. I would wager this all stems from the EA move to Origin and EA/Origin not considering legacy accounts and how to move them.


Had a friend just get this resolved by simply calling them. Took no longer than a few minutes.

Called whom? EA or Origin? EA told me to make it work my xb-live email acct had to be my Origin email account. Since it was they told me then it was an ongoing problem and they're looking into it.

Best thing to do is call EA up thats what i did.and it was link and fix under 10 mins good luck

use the same email as your xbox live account

Still cannot get it......ohhh well, Skyrim!

yea loads of people have this problem i used to have an email address that got hacked by spammers prob my own fault but that had my ea account on that email so even if i try to make a new ea account i cant link it with my gamertag becuase my gamertag is already in use with another account which is really really stupid ea.  Im sure they could figure a way around this with a seurity check on my gamertag so they would know it was my account hopfully with the amount of people playing BF3 they will bcome more aware of this problem and sort it because although battlelog isnt that important its still a part of my game and it would be nice to have that feature as for it being a new and easier way to connect with your friends i did laugh out loud at that i foresaw this problem before i even bought BF.

Just linked them by add new persona on origin "my page" after login - on account name, instead of using mail, i used my gamertag and it found my EA classic screenname... The played an online session and there it was, my battlefeed after a quick login at the homepage.

happy hunting people, hope this helps for you too

Good find... This profile page hasnt been working for ages and is the easiest way to link you gamertag.

* Please try a lower page number.

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