Line Up of upcoming games for the Xbox One. (Exclusives & Multiplatform)

This is why I'm planning on getting an Xbox One. The line up of games is superior in comparison to the PS4 Line up..

Cod: ADV Warfare


Forza Horizon 2

Sunset Overdrive

Quantum Break

Shadow of Morror


Dragon Ace Inquisition

Halo 2 Anniversary 

Halo: Master Cheif Collection

Halo 5

NHL 15, FIFA 15, NBA 2K15, Madden 15.

etc.. And Games with Gold.

Gonna have to bust open the piggy bank to say the least.. :D


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Nothing here makes want to keep my Xbox one other then Halo 2 anniversary primarily because it is the only halo game I have not played.

Halo 2 is bundled with the Master Chief Collection, it wont be released as a stand alone game.

The exclusives for the rest of this year look ok (Sunset OverDrive, Halo MCC and Forza Horizon 2) but we are going to have to rely on multiplats(again for both consoles) to get us through 2015.

Hopefully the latter part of 2015 kicks things into gear and we will stop seeing these HD remakes.

Thanks for the info 24. Planned on getting both but now I get to save some $.$$

The Xbox One does have a good line up of games coming. It's a great time to be a gamer, well not for the pocket :) 

@BIGB not a problem. Its a fantastic deal for the collection. 4 games, 93 maps, 1080p original MP all for $60. Its doubtful that we will see another HD collection as good as this one.

Oh and I forgot to add Halo 5 beta access and the Ridley Scott mini series.