Line Gun keeps selling itself.

Sorry if got name wrong since away from Xbox.

Firstly was playing this game, got a save but soon as I go to store and swap certain weapons to my inventory I notice if I died after visiting that my weapon likes to give itself away to the shop when it reloads my last checkpoint with no refund WTF!  (Temp cure reload my save but if I do same thing it does the same problem)

So anyway EA support seemed to haven't a clue what to do, even the tech's say this might have to be put into a proper update.

Has anyone else been having this issue?


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Sorry but I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to say. You saved, then went to a store to swap weapons and then you died. When the game puts you back to the last checkpoint you don't have the line gun anymore? Is that the problem?

Sorry for late reply. That's completly correct but I'm unware if the glitch is still there since want to play it but without being forced to lose my weapons due to the glitch.

Next time use the store first, then save. Otherwise it will just load your save beforehand like your case.

Yes I did that originally, this is why I get frustrated that instead of dieing I'm forced to quit then reload my game my save.