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So, I see there were a few cars in the "Limited Edition" that are currently unavailable to those who don't have it (I got Forza as a gift).

Is there any way that Turn 10 will give the cars to the people who didn't get the Limited Edition?


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As of right now there has been no word from Turn10 as to whether or not they will offer the Limited content as a later download.

I hope the Collectors edition pack stays as something for those who buy collectors editions too. there has been no word about a collectors edition car pack being released by turn10 yet, they have asked the question if they should offer VIP status but no word about the car pack yet, as well as there being no word as to whether or not they will release the pre-order cars in a car pack.

i must disagree.

when i preordered FM4, i told the guy, i wanted the LE. and he told me i did. He told me i was in the computer for the LE. As FM4 came closer and closer i asked him and others in the store, here and there to make sure i had the LE however when i picked it up, i in fact DID NOT have LE. to this day i dont. i was unable tyo find an LE copy... because of this am i to simply suffer and not have curtain cars? B class online is nearly a total wash due to the fastest cars being the LE dart, and other DLC muscle cars. (how an old firebird can out corner an S2K is beyond me...) Ive been on both sides of this arguement and to those i offened when we all discussed this with FM3, im sorry. the LCE should be allowed for DLC for those who like me, werent allowed to get what we wanted due to a mistake which wasnt made by us.

i have NO problem paying 800-1000 points just for the cars.

If the LE content is released as DLC they would have to refund everyone who paid the extra for the retail LE

^ That won't happen.  The released the content that came with the FM3 LCE to the masses and those of us that bought it off the shelf didn't get a refund.  There is nothing stating that they have to provide a refund to those who bought the retail version of the LCE, btw.

Every month you can get the DLCars thru Microsoft. There is a fee but I dont know what that is. Hope this helps.

I know about the DLC. I'm not an idiot.<br>

I'm just kind of curious if they'll ever be released, because I really want to drive that Bugatti SS

IF you spend $30 on one car , than you are an idiot

Just my opinion, but I think Turn 10 has always overdone it with the exclusive cars.  I find myself more jealous of the cars I can't get than feeling any sort of pride (if that's the right word) in the exclusive cars I do have.  In fact, I don't really understand why people would draw pleasure from having cars that others don't.  I know people say that they do, but I guess I'm just not that way.

I paid extra for the Limited Edition and am glad I did, but it is no sweat off my back if other people get the opportunity to buy the LE card as DLC down the road, as long as the price is relatively fair.  The pre-order exclusives irk me more, because I am only fated to get one of those, and while I would like to see them available as DLC sometime, it probably won't happen.  Unicorn cars are an ok concept in theory, I guess, but for the record I have never managed to get one in all of my Forza history.  The Stig pack in the last game probably ticked me off the most, because you had to buy a new version of the game to get it, and yet they put the (otherwise unobtainable) cars in the dealerships as a tease.

I know the game has a huge amount of cars and I should be happy with what I have, but there are some cars out there that I really like, and would like to have in my stable, that I can't get.  

Honestly, T10 shouldn't release the LCE cars in any DLC. I know in the past T10 has released the LCE cars in a DLC but this time around I really don't think it should be done. That's the purpose of it being a LCE, isn't it?

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