limited edition bonuses not comming up on new hard drive

I've started playing Halo 4 on my very first 20gig hard drive, and recently ran into memory needs, so i bought a new hard drive. I pre-ordered the game for the battle rifle skin and the free matchmaking pass (free map packs) and it worked fine on my old hard drive no problems, but now on this new hard drive they aren't there. If i try to re-use the codes I just get the "code already used" message. If i try to go to the marketplace and download them I have to pay for them. I already used the second disk to download infinity but still nothing.

Is there anything i can do, or do i have to re-use my old hard drive.

Help, please and thank you.


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Go into your account settings and look for download history, anything you've downloaded on the account should show up and be available to redownload.

Oh god, now i feel retarded x.x

Thanks a lot for the help JBONYU, :) very appreciated, now i can enjoy halo 4 like i used to.