Limbo 3-Pack

What do you think of the Limbo 3 pack.  You get Limbo, Trials HD, and Splosion Man for $30.  It got me thinking about preferences,  having then on HDD or on a physical disk?  


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Think it's good value. If I'd not got two out of the three titles I'd be there. Advantage over downloading them is that you have a physical object that can be sold on when you get bored of them.

I'll take physical any day. Thank's to MS's broken license transfer tool not fixing my DRM issue, I lose all my DLC and and arcade games if I can't access the internet, which means a large portion of my Rock band songs don't work, and a lot of saves won't work either for stuff like oblivion

Do you need the physical disc to be inside the console when playing the XBLA?


I'd rather have them on the HDD in the case of the Limbo/Trials/Splosion Man thing. I am not a fan of games being packaged in together. I'd prefer them if they were single discs by themselves, but I do not want a pack of 2 or more games.

I think it's a good idea packaging some of the arcade titles together on a single disc like that. If it means the games reach a bigger audience it has to be good for everyone.

Advantage is u get to return the game if it's a rental.

Otherwise it's kind of troublesome if you have to put in the disc every time you feel like having a game of fishing frenzy  (referring to the XBLA compilation disc).

I like all 3 but I think I'd rather have them on my HDD.

I got it from gamefly. Good games.