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Hey everyone,


I'm running a character that uses the light armor perks (crit bonus and faster movement), but I seem to have a problem surviving Legion hit squads. My reinforced leather armor just doesn't seem capable of taking more than a handful of hits, and even Veronica is dying within a few volleys. I think I can snag her some power armor, but I'm having a harder time for my own character. I'd like to use some stronger light armor since I have those perks for it, but I haven't seen any stronger light armor than the one I have (unless I take Legion armor, which sounds like a bad idea around, say, Camp McCarren...). I do have the Honest Hearts add-on, but I don't want to get stuck in Zion either.


Any suggestions?


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Yeah equip heavier armor lol. My guy has a damage resistance of 42, who cares if I move a little slower if I'm basically a walking tank.

Best light armor? Sierra Madre Armor, Reinforced, 18 DT. You'll find it in the Sierra Madre vault at the end of the Dead Money Add-on.

I'd probably go heavy for this case, like stated above. What level are you at though? If you're high enough, I couldn't see having a problem with the legion.

I have the light armor perk on one of my characters and use Joshua's armor from HH.

I'm level 20. I can take on the hitmen if I don't mind jumping into my inventory every five seconds to eat something (I have a high survival skill and I'm also playing on Hardcore mode), but if I don't throw like five dynamite sticks first, me and Veronica (and E-DE too) are doomed.

What perks do you have?  I tend to pick Reinforced Leather more often then not.  What I tend to have in addition to that are the Toughness (both ranks) perk & occasionally the Adamantium perk.   Depending on who I have I give them different armors.  I tend to give Veronica the Power Armor (100% condition is possible) & the doctor Heavy Armor.  The rest it depends but I tend to give them those unique weapons that benefit them most.  In my previous playthrough I gave Oh Baby! (at 100% condition) to Lily & she was taking out Deathclaws in 2 or 4 hits. 


I try to to battle anymore then X amount of foes at anyone time though.  No matter how armored you are if you're overwhelmed you're overwhelmed.

Check your gun skill also. Legion Assasins are pretty tough. Keep down when shooting and don't stop moving. Go for head shots if your not using the right ammo. D pad up to change ammo. Light armor reinforced should get you 20DT.

Go to Silver Springs they have decent armor, its medium weight I think around 20 lbs, but it does a great job. You'll have to do the quest to get it, or kill them all.  Legion Assassins are hard to kill, I just keep shooting at them and moving away from them.

This Machine + Hollow Point + Headshots = No Problem

The downside to picking the Light Armor Perk is that in battle you are -2 DT if I recall correctly, so that is one of your problems there.





1) Let limbs become crippled early in game which grants you the tough guy perk through challenge (50 crippled limbs boosts DT +2/+3)





2) Use tougness perk (2x)




3) Adamantium skeleton helps after tough guy perk challenge is completed, then select toughness twice, this alone should give you a 10DT running around wearing nothing.




4) The head on over to New Vegas Clinic buy the implant where it'll boost your DT +2 couple that with limb regenerating ability and you are set in game.

Hey, sorry for the late response, but thank you all for your help. I leveled up, got my guns to 100, upgraded my companions via personal side quests, and now I run around trying to FIND these assassins (I want that sniper rifle!!). Ironically, the last batch of people trying to kill me ran past me and were almost obliterated by three Cazadors and an entire pack of nightstalkers. It was really funny to watch us all chasing a bunch of Legion assassins from Bitter Springs towards Vegas...