Life Invader Stocks (Spoilers)

In the game when you infiltrate LI the stocks plummet, well I've completed the game long ago, must be about ten (in game) weeks after the LI mission, and the stock price in still at $7 per share, does it ever go up?


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Mine never went back up after the drop. I think it's essentially turned into Myspace at that point.

I finished the game and they never came back up.

I heard on the radio just after I finished the game that they were launching the Life Invader Tablet, so I put everything onto LI, but nothing went up after a week (in game) time, looks like it's a dead horse, and lol at the Myspace comparison.

For me it dropped to around 2$ a share so I bought a bunch, I sold it earlier at a little over 9$ a share. Since then it dropped to just over 4$ a share..

Mines been stuck at $7 since that mission