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A month ago my step-brother bought a game from the Xbox marketplace and used a license transfer so we could play it on live.  I went to visit for two weeks and he downloaded another game to play while I was over. When I got back home my save data wouldn't load because I don't have all the dlc. I've tried to contact support online but it said my request couldn't be made and that I had to call them instead. When I called they said they had a lot of requests they were working on and I had contact support online but I just got the same message again. Since I did the transfer last month it said I had to wait until November to do a license transfer again. Is there a way to have support do a transfer manually or do I have to wait a few months to play my game again? Any feedback will be appreciated thanks!


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Was the dlc brought on your account? If so, it should be playable as long as you are connected to XBL. If not, you can recover the licenses on your 360 from the profile used to purchase the content. It would make your game playable after the licenses are downloaded to your 360.


I don't know if support can do manual license transfers though.

So basically you and your brother are violating the ToS. And you decided to come to the Xbox Forums to admit to it?

You tried to cheat the system (and this system isn't one of those abusive, nasty ones that need to be cheated) and you lost. I hope you have to wait until November 2999 to play anything you've downloaded.