Liberty County Fire Dept. recruitment

I am recruiting for the Liberty County FD,we currently run 4 station's and 17 total apparatus's.We vary from Algonquin to Bohan even to Duke's/Broker.We currently have 15 member's and are looking for more.A few requirment's are that you are over 13 years old,have xbox gold,have a working mic and are serious about our dept. When you join you will be put under the rank of a probationary firefighter no matter your fire experience.If you would like to join my gamertag is FIREFIGHTER 12 and our website is (,And yes i am a volunteer firefighter in real-life. 


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what is the point of the clan?

Why dont you try accepting my friend request so i can explain it a little more.

i found you

Hey are you guys still doing this.. I realized i was almost a year late.. lol.. Well if you want add me and i will definitely be down to play