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LHR Gaming, LLC, is looking for strong, motivated leaders who strive to learn and teach others about the ethics and semantics of leadership. Established in July 2008, we are one of the largest XBox LIVE Communities to date. The foundation of our community is structured around the US Military SOP and Code of Ethics. The vast majority of the senior leadership has served as either an Active Duty Armed Forces member or Local/State Law Enforcement.

If what you have just read interests you, please feel free to contact me (on Forums or XBox LIVE) at any time. Thank you for your time and be sure to visit us at http://www.lhrgaming.com/forums


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Additionally, we are available on both the Xbox 360 & Xbox One.

How many europeans/british people do you have that play Call of Duty Ghosts on the Xbox 360 ?

We have quite a few. There are also a lot of US gamers that play late into the night/early morning. I tend to fall into that category.

Do you have such things like weekly practices and/or meetings. And if so to which time zone are they planned by ?

Hello again Ultra,

The majority of our community is made up of casual gamers, however, this is a large number of members who are competitive, myself included. To appease the growing interest in competitive gaming, we incorporated what we call Pro Teams. Typically, these Pro Teams hold multiple practices each week. The usual time of these practices is around 9pm EST, although we do try to work around everyone's schedule. Pro Team exercises vary from battling other Pro Teams, clans, communities, and even MLG (recently resurrected).

I will bear this in mind as I am not too sure what I am doing at the moment as I have taken a rather long sabbatical from gaming and also from gaming communities in general. But thank you for your prompt and timely responses on my questions.