LFG? New to Borderlands.

A friend and I have recently picked up Borderlands and were looking for non-modding regulars that are willing to play with.

Throw me a friend request or add my friend Camlive112.



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well im non modding i play through the game with you

You can find some out there... I recommend to always hosting a game, and maybe you'll get some true players coming in.

A good way to tell if they well play with you is they come in with a character near your level, they do the quests with you and they don't just try to dual all the time and they always ask before doing anything like traveling or picking up stuff.

Look for the respect full random that will join.

Playthrough 1 - levels 1 - 34

Playthrough 2 - levels 35 - 50

Playthrought 2.5 - 50+

I'll  play with you if you like.

Heyyyy I haven't gotten much action recently so I'd be more than happy to "Play" with you;) ;)